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Virtual Events

Holly Tour Dates Nov 2020


Saturday, November 14th at 3pm Eastern

I’ll be on a panel moderated by Danielle Paige, with Zoraida Córdova, Kass Morgan and Caleb Roehrig, called Witches, Villains, and Vampires.

Register for this event here:

Monday, November 23rd at 7pm Central

Blue Willow Bookshop, in conversation with @IncorrectCruelP

Tickets available at:

Tuesday November 24th, 5pm Pacific

Ballast Book Co., in conversation with Kelly Link

Tickets available at:

Friday, December 4th, 7pm Eastern

In conversation with Leigh Bardugo 

A free event that you can watch on:



Tuesday November 24th, 7:30 UK (GMT)

Waterstones, in conversation with Jordan Ifueko 

Tickets available at:

Saturday, December 5th, 1pm AUS (AEDT)

Kinokuniya Australia, in conversation with Krystal Sutherland

Tickets available at:

Tour Dates for QoN

Here’s my schedule for Queen of Nothing appearances. Please contact the individual stores with questions about their policies regarding how many books you can bring from home, personalizations, etc.

The end is nigh, my friends!

Tuesday, November 19
An Unlikely Story
7PM – In conversation with Cassandra Clare
Plainville, MA

Wednesday, November 20 
Anderson’s Bookshop
La Grange, IL

Thursday, November 21
Boswell Book Company
7PM – In conversation with Jaime and Erin Arkin from Fiction Fare
Milwaukee, WI

Friday, November 22
Barnes & Noble Neshaminy Mall
6:30PM – In conversation with Brigid Kemmerer
Bensalem, PA

Saturday, November 23
A Likely Story
Sykesville, MD

Sunday, November 24
Barnes & Noble, Christiana Mall
Newark, DE

Monday, November 25
Blue Willow Bookshop
Houston, TX

Black Friday, November 29
Barnes & Noble Holyoke
6PM – This is a straight signing event, without a talk preceding it
Holyoke, MA

Thursday, December 5
92nd Street Y
7PM – In conversation with EW’s David Canfield
New York, NY

Friday, December 6
Indigo, Yorkdale Shopping Centre
Toronto, Canada

Silver Inky Award

I am so excited that The Cruel Prince received the Silver Inky Award! It really means a lot to me. Although the award itself is getting mailed to me, so I don’t have to go fetch it, I still hope I get to visit Australia soon.

My WorldCon Dublin Schedule

Writing villains in YA literature who defy expectation

Format: Panel
15 Aug 2019, Thursday 12:00 – 12:50, Wicklow Room-2 (CCD)

In YA fiction, the bad guys used to be easy to spot in their metaphorical black hats and handlebar moustaches. What does the revamped ‘villain’ archetype mean for our young heroes? How does it affect the story and the other characters? How might this more nuanced sense of good and bad play out as young adult fiction continues to evolve?

Reading: Holly Black

Format: Reading
15 Aug 2019, Thursday 15:00 – 15:50, Liffey Room-2 (CCD)

Great heroes of children’s literature

Format: Panel
16 Aug 2019, Friday 12:00 – 12:50, Wicklow Hall 2B (CCD)

From Matilda Wormwood to Aang, Lyra Belacqua, and Jim Hawkins – just to name a few – some of our most memorable and significant heroes come from children’s literature. Why do these heroes make such a big impact on us, no matter our age? What turns these ordinary kids into extraordinary heroes? What do our young protagonists have to teach their adult counterparts about courage, loyalty, and the ability to overcome the scariest villains?

Kaffeeklatsch: Holly Black

Format: Kaffeeklatsch
16 Aug 2019, Friday 17:00 – 17:50, Level 3 Foyer (KK/LB) (CCD)

Graphic novel adaptations of genre work

Format: Panel
17 Aug 2019, Saturday 15:30 – 16:20, Odeon 2 (Point Square Dublin)

Is there such a thing as a good adaptation of a pure prose text? While some people argue that movies can never live up to the reader’s imagination, graphic novels have fewer limits and can add a significant visual element to our favourite genre literature. But they still might not look ‘right’, and a picture might not always be worth losing a thousand words. Join us to consider the challenges!

Children’s books: the gateway drug

Format: Panel
17 Aug 2019, Saturday 18:00 – 18:50, Liffey Room-2 (CCD)

For most of us, exposure to sci-fi and fantasy starts as children. At what point does imaginative children’s book illustration start being labelled ‘fantasy’? What creators influenced you? How aware are these two industries of each other? We talk to people who’ve had experience of both.

Dark fantasy for children

Format: Panel
18 Aug 2019, Sunday 11:00 – 11:50, Wicklow Hall 2A (Dances) (CCD)

How dark is too dark when it comes to dark fantasy and horror for young readers? Is there an invisible line in the sand? And what stories actually fall into this category: Alice in Wonderland, Coraline, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Goosebumps, A Monster Calls, The Wizards of Once? And why are kids drawn to these stories that make them jump at every bump in the night?

Ensembles in YA

Format: Panel
18 Aug 2019, Sunday 18:00 – 18:50, Wicklow Hall 2B (CCD)

YA protagonists have always had supporting casts, but works like Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows or An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir have used ensembles to great success. How do you create good YA ensembles? Are there roles that always need to be there? What are the good and bad things about ensembles? And do you still need a protagonist, or can you let the reader cheer for their favourites?

Autographs: Monday at 14:00

Format: Autographing
19 Aug 2019, Monday 14:00 – 14:50, Level 4 Foyer (CCD)


Both the US and UK are giving away an exclusive pin to anyone who pre-orders the book in either place:
To submit your receipt in the US, go here.
To submit your receipt in the UK, go here.
You can also pre-order signed and personalized copies of The Wicked King from Good Choice Reading  – they ship to the US and also internationally.
I love a book box and am thrilled that there are going to be a bunch for The Wicked King. I know what some will have in them, but others are a mystery, even to me:
Owlcrate is doing an exclusive WICKED KING book box, loaded with goodies. It sold out FAST! There is however, a wait list.
Whimsify is doing two WICKED KING boxes, one with goodies, and one with goodies plus a custom Funko Pop.
Beacon Book Box is doing a WICKED KING box of fun stuff.
The Librarian Box is doing a WICKED KING box with some fun items.
ShelfLoveCrate is also doing a WICKED KING box with goodies.

Wicked King US Tour

I am heading on tour in January to celebrate the release of THE WICKED KING. Come see me on the road and I will tell you stories!

1/8 – Politics & Prose, in Washington, DC, with NPR Books Editor Petra Mayer
1/9 – B&N Neshaminy Mall, Bensalem, PA, in conversation with Claire Legrand
1/10 – Chapel Hill Library, with Flyleaf Bookstore, in conversation with Renée Ahdieh
1/11 – Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN, with BookPage Deputy Editor Cat Acree
1/13 – BookPeople in Austin, TX
1/14 – The King’s English in Salt Lake City, in conversation with Ally Condie
1/15 – Powell’s Bookstore, Cedar Hills Crossing, Portland, OR, in conversation with Laini Taylor
1/16 – Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA, in conversation with Cindy Pon


1/23 – The Strand, New York, NY, in conversation with Cristina Arreola of Bustle


The Golden Tower is here!


I am so excited that the final book of the Magisterium series is out. It’s been a long five year journey for me and Cassie, certainly for Call — and probably for you too, dear reader. I am so glad that it worked out the way we hoped back when we first dreamed up this series on a flight to Los Angeles, plotting it out and probably confusing the people sitting near us. It’s been an amazing journey and I have learned so much. I hope you like the way it ends.

For more information about the book, go here.

Official MFT & Coldtown Shirts Now Available

I am really excited to share this with you!

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about doing some official merchandise because I love art and also things. And then Worldbuilders came to me and wanted to partner on the very thing I’d been dreaming of doing!

Here’s the first wave of merchandise — shirts! In time for the holidays! One has a quote from the Modern Faerie Tale series, designed by the fabulous Kathleen Jennings. The second is of the Dead Last Rest Stop from The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, designed by Tyson Smith of Maiden Voyage Clothing.

I love both a whole lot.

Here’s a link to the STORE. There’s also one in the menu bar, under “Merchandise.”

I am currently in the process of commissioning some more merchandise, so if there’s something you really wish I had in the store, please let me know!

(You will notice that on the same page are signed books of mine. Those were donated separately to Worldbuilders and no portion of any of those sales goes to me.)

I Am Having A Week

I am in New York, having meetings, but I also have two, TWO things out this week.


One, the paperback edition of DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST!

(If, by chance, you’re looking for a signed copy, I am doing some stock signings tomorrow, so there should be some at Barnes & Noble 5th Avenue, Barnes & Noble Upper East Side, Barnes & Noble Union Square, McNally Jackson, and WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn.)


Two, the second issue of LUCIFER!

(No signed copies of this yet, but lots of signed copies of issue one at Midtown Comics.)


Also, I went to the fairy tale exhibit at The Fashion Institute and it was GORGEOUS. I posted a bunch of photos on my Instagram. The whole thing was incredibly inspirational.

Here are two examples:


And if you aren’t in New York, there’s a book, Fairy Tale Fashion, coming out in April with everything in the show and some other stuff besides:


I also got a chance to hear Delia Sherman and Illana C. Meyer read at KGB — and to hang out with Delia and Ellen Kushner, plus lots of other lovely sfnal people, which was an unexpected delight.


I’ve got my game face on for more meetings tomorrow.


Night, all.

End of the Year Wrap-Up 2015

As I look back over 2015, it seems like a bit of a blur. Definitely an odd year.

Last year at this time, I was looking forward to the release of my first new faerie novel. The Darkest Part of the Forest came out in January. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who picked up a copy and everyone who came out to see me on tour.

It hit the New York Times bestseller list, won the American Booksellers Association’s Indies Choice Book Award in YA, and reminded me how much I missed writing about faeries.


Me, with cosplayers in Vancouver dressed up as characters from my books, including Cassel, night/knight Hazel, and Val. I can’t remember if I posted this before, but I totally should have.


Then, I sold a new series to Alvina Ling at Little, Brown books, who’s published both The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and The Darkest Part of the Forest. After so many stand-alones, I am having fun hunkering down with a big cast of characters and an epic multi-book story. Okay, I am having some fun, which for me is a red letter event, because my drafting process is usually agonizingly painful and slow.

I’ve been trying to write differently this year, trying to cultivate flow by doing some timed writing sprints of thirty to forty minutes. At first I was doing them to just be away from the internet and other distractions, but it turns out that they’re useful in distracting myself from the dispiriting feeling that I have to write all day long. No, I only have to write for forty minutes. And then, later, another forty minutes. And so on.

I am over halfway done with the first book — The Cruel Prince so I should be able to give you a snippet from it:

The princess Elaine is dancing at the center of a circle of revelers. There’s a young human playing a fiddle — at least he looks young, although he may have been that young for a very long time. In Faerie, it’s sometimes hard to know, and Ivy says that not a lot of modern people play the fiddle. Two humans accompany him less skillfully, but more joyfully, on ukuleles.

Out of a pocket, Taryn brings a handkerchief, onto which she places a wedge of blue-veined cheese along with a bit of bread and a green apple. I break off a piece of the cheese and take out the little knife Madoc insists I fit into my shoe to cut up the apple.

Words drift up to me, shouted out by dozens of mouths, the beginning of a ballad, “Of all the sons King William had, Prince Jaimie was the worst,” they sing. “And what made the sorrow even greater, Prince Jamie was the first.”

“They’re here,” Taryn says, pointing.

Appropriately enough, Prince Cardan, sixth in line to the throne and the absolute worst, is striding across the floor beneath us. Valerian, Nicasia, and Bran — his three meanest, fanciest, and most loyal friends — follow him. The crowd parts and hushes as they pass. From here, I can see that Cardan is wearing his usual glower, accessorized with kohl under his eyes and a circlet of gold in his midnight hair. He has on a long black coat with a high jagged collar, the whole thing stitched with a pattern of constellations. Valerian and Nicasia are both in deep red. She’s wearing a diadem of rubies, each like a drop of frozen blood. A glittering cobweb net covers her hair. Bran brings up the rear, looking bored, his hair the color of fox fur.

“They’re ridiculous,” I say, but I cannot deny that they’re also beautiful. Fairy lords and ladies, just like in the songs. If we didn’t see them at the palace school, if I didn’t know first-hand what a scourge they were, I’d probably be as in love with them as everyone else.

“I’ve heard Cardan has a tail,” Taryn says and then giggles at her own daring.

All things subject to change, of course, but hopefully those paragraphs will persist to the final version.

This year, I did a bunch of traveling. I went to Monte Carlo and saw the famous casino. I even lost a hundred bucks there.


And I went to Australia, where I got to meet a lot of readers, swim in the sea, and hang out with kangaroos!


The second book of the Magisterium series, The Copper Gauntlet, came out. Cassie and I did a short US tour and got to see some of you. And we’ve been hard at work editing The Bronze Key.


And I went to FaerieCon in Baltimore. It was great to see old friends and also buy some excellent faerie accessories.


But my most recent news is that the first book in my new comic series, a reboot of the original Lucifer, just came out this month. I loved the character of Lucifer when he was written by Neil Gaiman and then again when he was written by Mike Carey, so it has been an honor to get to tell a little more of his story.


The beautiful illustrations that Lee Garbett is doing are a delight, not to mention the amazing covers by Dave Johnson. It’s really been a dream project. Not one without a learning curve and certainly intimidating, but I am so glad that I let myself accept the challenge of it.

Look, they’re signed! And real!


Personally, I am the mom of a toddler, who is talking and singing, truck obsessed (“Old MacDonald had a farm and on that farm he had a … steamroller!”), in love with lightsaber battles and messy painting and jumping on the couch. That’s been really, really, really great. The greatest, really.


So, a pretty good year, right? In many ways, for me, it was, although I’ve been struggling with a lot of free-floating anxiety. Anxiety about big stuff — 2015 has been a rough, heartbreaking year for the world and for many people I care about — as well as other more personal, less clearly defined anxiety. I was really inspired by Gwenda Bond’s end-of-the-year roundup and how she made excellent anxiety-reducing changes in her own life. And I was inspired by Scalzi’s post about 2015 and how he’s managed to stop worrying so much.

So, welcome 2016. May we all figure out how to be good to one another and also to ourselves. May we figure out how to work toward a better world. And may I, personally, figure out some other stuff too.

I am prepping for a vampire-themed New Year’s party, so I leave you with this picture of my front door.


WELCOME 2016! Doesn’t that look welcoming?



Come Chat with me on Wednesday


This coming Wednesday, I am going to be doing a Twitter chat mainly focused on the new issues of the new Lucifer, but I am also happy to talk about writing generally, publishing, anxiety, insomnia, my cats, fairy tales, other books I’ve written, books I’ve read but haven’t written and anything else that strikes your fancy.

(Also, I feel very fancy to have a graphic for a chat. Also, also, do you like my horns in that picture?)

I apologize for not having posted in a while. I have been writing like the devil, working on Magisterium 3, Cruel Prince and the the first six issues of Lucifer pretty much nonstop.

I’ve also been sleeping on a really weird schedule and rethinking my office set up to try and get myself out of that really weird schedule. I am ready for January and new New Year’s resolutions and a more organized life and, hopefully, some good news.

Also, I have set up newsletter technology! Or at least I think I have; i’m still figuring it out. Anyway, if you’d like to get updates on tour dates, plus special strange things and occasional ramblings, well look no further:

OH! And the first issue of the new Lucifer comes out next Wednesday! If this is the kind of thing that you’re into, I hope you like it.

Accepting the ABA Award for DPotF


I was totally flummoxed and very very happy when Darkest Part of the Forest received the Indies’ Choice Book Award for Young Adult Book of the Year. Thursday, I went to BEA to accept it.

I was supposed to go on stage and speak for two minutes.


A very intimidating two minutes!


But an incredible honor.

I was happy to get to spend some time with my editor, the incomparable Alvina Ling, and talk about some exciting things that I cannot yet reveal. I am in possession of SEVERAL SECRETS.

I completely forgot to take any photographs all day, so these are all stolen from my editor, from Hannah at Odyssey Books, and from whoever finally took the photo of all of us below, maybe it with Margie’s phone? I am not sure. All I know is that none of these photos belong to me and also that I had a whirlwind of a great time at BEA this year.

The best part (other than the award) was getting to see people that I don’t always get to see: sleeping over at Robin Wasserman’s house, getting to eat Pinkberry with Carrie Ryan, talking about writing processes with Marie Lu, hugging Gwenda Bond before being driven out of her giant signing line, and hanging out for a much too short time with Leigh Bardugo. Margie Stohl let us crash her dinner — and even gave me the food off her plate!

(Pictured here: Marie Lu, Leigh Bardugo, Alex London, me, Margie Stohl, Aaron Hartzler, and Carrie Ryan.)


I also got to see some Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium 2) ARCs in the wild!


So before it’s all holiday all the time, I wanted to post the final piece of the how-to-get-a-copy-of-Darkest-Part-of-the-Forest puzzle: my Book Tour dates. This time it’s mostly going to be East Coast (and Seattle!) and I will be in New Jersey where I haven’t been in a while. 

If you’re in the area, you can come and I will personalize a copy of Darkest Part of the Forest just for you and we can talk about books, faeries, fairy tales. I will tell you secret things, sign with fancy pens, and give you presents. Come!

However, if you can’t come to an event and you want to pre-order the book, (a) you can pre-order from these indie bookstores and get a bookplate and a poster (some stores are willing to ship overseas should that be a thing you are interested in), (b) you can pre-order a signed book from Barnes & Noble, (c) you could pre-order a book from any one of the stores I am touring (these ones in this post) and I’ll sign it for you when I get there, or (d) you can pre-order a regular, unsigned book from anywhere books are sold.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 

ODYSSEY BOOKSHOP – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM*

9 College Street

South Hadley, MA 01075

There’s been a lot of big talk from Odyssey about how they’re going to MAKE A GLASS COFFIN. I really want to see if they can pull this thing off. This is the launch event, so we’re going to be as weird as possible.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


361 Washington St

Brookline, MA 02445

(Sales by the Children’s Book Shop)

Thursday, January 15, 2015


768 Boston Post Road

Madison, CT 06443

Friday, January 16, 2015


54 Fairfield St.

Montclair, NJ 07042

Saturday, January 17, 2015

WORDS BOOKSTORE – 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

179 Maplewood Avenue

Maplewood, NJ 07040

Sunday, January 18, 2015

RIVER ROAD BOOKS – 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

759 River Road

Fair Haven, NJ 07704

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


16 Main Street

Doylestown, PA 18901

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

TOWNE BOOK CENTER – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

220 Plaza Dr (at Providence Town Center)

Collegeville, PA 19426

Friday, February 20, 2015 through Sunday, February 22, 2015


Doubletree by Hilton, 18740 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98188

This is a convention put on by the same people who do FaerieCon and FaerieWorlds and will also be attended by Charles deLint, Laurel K. Hamilton, and many musicians and artists. It sounds like there will be panels, workshops and a lot of concerts.

Monday, February 23, 2015


3609 Market Place W., Suite 100 

University Place, WA 98466 

(Sales by King’s Books of Tacoma)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


400 SW 152nd Street

Burien, WA 98166

Ebook Free Preview of Darkest Part of the Forest (First Seven Chapters)


If you want to take a look at some of my new faerie book, The Darkest Part of the Forest, you can now download the first seven chapters for your eReader:

For Kindle, go here.

For iTunes, go here.

For Nook, go here.

For EPUB, go here.

For Google, go here.

And as a reminder, if you like what you read and decide to pre-order DPotF from these indie bookstores, you’ll get a free signed bookplate and poster.

Or if you’d just like a signed copy, you can pre-order one from Barnes & Noble or from any of the bookstores I’ll be visiting on tour (tour dates/stores coming soon.)

I hope you like the book, now that you get to read a big chunk of it!

Darkest Part Page Version 1

My new faerie book, The Darkest Part of the Forest, comes out on January 13th and to celebrate, we’re giving away signed bookplates and a limited-edition poster with every pre-order in participating stores.

For a lot of years, readers have been asking me for a new faerie book, so I am very excited to finally be able to give you one. I hope you fall in love with these characters the way that I did. If you’d like to read a little bit from the book, you can read this excerpt .

Note: Not all stores take online preorders. But when ordering online (or over the phone or in person) it’s always good to confirm that you’re going to receive your bookplate and poster!



Addendum Books

165 Western Ave. N, #14

St. Paul, MN 55102

Email: addendumbooks [at] gmail [dot] com




Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville

123 W Jefferson Ave.,

Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: 630.355.2665


Direct link to DPotF:


Anderson’s Bookshop Downers Grove

5112 Main St.

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Phone: 630.963.2665


Direct link to DPotF:



Blue Willow Books

14532 Memorial Drive

Houston, TX 77079

Phone: 281.497.8675


Direct link to DPotF:


Book People

603 North Lamar Blvd.,

Austin, TX 78703

Phone: 512.472.5050


Direct link to DPotF:




Boswell Book Company

2559 N. Downer Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Phone: 414.332.1181


Direct link to DPotF:




Children’s Book World

17 Haverford Station Rd.,

Haverford, PA 19041

Phone: 610.642.6274





Mysterious Galaxy

5943 Balboa Avenue, Suite #100,

San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 858.268.4747



Mysterious Galaxy

2810 Artesia Blvd.

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Phone: 310.542.6000



INTERNATIONAL FOLKS: Blue Willow Books and Addendum Books both say that they’re willing to ship overseas if you’re willing to wait!