Both the US and UK are giving away an exclusive pin to anyone who pre-orders the book in either place:
To submit your receipt in the US, go here.
To submit your receipt in the UK, go here.
You can also pre-order signed and personalized copies of The Wicked King from Good Choice Reading  – they ship to the US and also internationally.
I love a book box and am thrilled that there are going to be a bunch for The Wicked King. I know what some will have in them, but others are a mystery, even to me:
Owlcrate is doing an exclusive WICKED KING book box, loaded with goodies. It sold out FAST! There is however, a wait list.
Whimsify is doing two WICKED KING boxes, one with goodies, and one with goodies plus a custom Funko Pop.
Beacon Book Box is doing a WICKED KING box of fun stuff.
The Librarian Box is doing a WICKED KING box with some fun items.
ShelfLoveCrate is also doing a WICKED KING box with goodies.


  1. Samantha Glasbrenner says:

    Shelflovecrate is also doing a Wicked King Box!

    1. Holly Black says:

      Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Violetta Boyle says:

    I finally got the chnace to pre-order the second book. And I keep trying to send my pre-order information to [email protected] but it keeps sending back that this. : Message not delivered
    Your message couldn’t be delivered to [email protected] because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information.

    What do I do? I’ve tried on 2 emails and it still says the email address is misconfigured.

    1. Holly Black says:

      I am so sorry I didn’t answer this sooner. Unfortunately, I am not sure why it wasn’t working!! I hope you managed to get them to figure out a solution!

  3. If you preorder a box that you know specifically will have The Wicked King, like OwlCrate, can you submit for the pin?

    1. Holly Black says:

      Sorry to answer late, but the pin was in the box.

  4. Jessica Lehmkuhl says:


    I was just wondering if there was some way I could pre-order Queen of Nothing? I read on my kindle and I devour books pretty quickly and its so much easier if I can pre-order a book so that I don’t forget about it. (I also have a less than adequate memory). I’ve loved your series and just wanted to see if it was possible to pre-order the installment.

    1. Holly Black says:

      Yes! Now, it is pre-orderable everywhere books are sold!

  5. Kayla Mccollough says:

    Will there be subscription boxes for the Queen of Nothing?

    1. Holly Black says:

      There will be an OwlCrate box in the US and we are trying to nail down details about the UK, but there will be boxes there too.

    2. Holly Black says:

      Yes there will – definitely OwlCrate in the US. Working out details in the UK.

  6. Ciara says:

    When will the Queen of Nothing Owlcrate box be available to preorder? Hopefully for the UK ?

    1. Holly Black says:

      The announcement should be very soon!

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