Ebook Free Preview of Darkest Part of the Forest (First Seven Chapters)


If you want to take a look at some of my new faerie book, The Darkest Part of the Forest, you can now download the first seven chapters for your eReader:

For Kindle, go here.

For iTunes, go here.

For Nook, go here.

For EPUB, go here.

For Google, go here.

And as a reminder, if you like what you read and decide to pre-order DPotF from these indie bookstores, you’ll get a free signed bookplate and poster.

Or if you’d just like a signed copy, you can pre-order one from Barnes & Noble or from any of the bookstores I’ll be visiting on tour (tour dates/stores coming soon.)

I hope you like the book, now that you get to read a big chunk of it!

2 thoughts on “Ebook Free Preview of Darkest Part of the Forest (First Seven Chapters)

  1. Bobbi McBroom says:

    Found your name on Faerie Magazine’s webpage. Is there a listing somewhere of which books go with which series in order? At 58 I’m just about the right age to really enjoy these. Especially since my grand daughter is of an age to read them with me.
    She has a great love of reading and of course believes in faeries and all other magical creatures. I love hearing her tell my stories of flower faeries painting the roses and star faeries lighting the night to her little brother. She’s building with his help an entire village for the faeries under the pines in their yard!
    Sorry for the tangential speech, I would li9ke to read them in order. Thanks

    1. Holly Black says:

      I will add a page listing that, along with recommendations for age groups. Sorry I don’t have one up already!

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