I Am Having A Week

I am in New York, having meetings, but I also have two, TWO things out this week.


One, the paperback edition of DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST!

(If, by chance, you’re looking for a signed copy, I am doing some stock signings tomorrow, so there should be some at Barnes & Noble 5th Avenue, Barnes & Noble Upper East Side, Barnes & Noble Union Square, McNally Jackson, and WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn.)


Two, the second issue of LUCIFER!

(No signed copies of this yet, but lots of signed copies of issue one at Midtown Comics.)


Also, I went to the fairy tale exhibit at The Fashion Institute and it was GORGEOUS. I posted a bunch of photos on my Instagram. The whole thing was incredibly inspirational.

Here are two examples:


And if you aren’t in New York, there’s a book, Fairy Tale Fashion, coming out in April with everything in the show and some other stuff besides:


I also got a chance to hear Delia Sherman and Illana C. Meyer read at KGB — and to hang out with Delia and Ellen Kushner, plus lots of other lovely sfnal people, which was an unexpected delight.


I’ve got my game face on for more meetings tomorrow.


Night, all.

6 thoughts on “I Am Having A Week

  1. Megan Cook says:

    I have read your books (starting with Tithe in 8th grade) and have read all your published works to date (except Lucifer which no place around me seems to carry :() i can say without a doubt that you are an absolute inspiration, and I am now the mother of two and I plan on sharing ur collected works with them as well. I can’t wait for your next!

    1. Holly Black says:

      Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me.

  2. julie says:

    Just wondering if you are continuing with the Magesterium series? I’ve really enjoyed the first two. Thank you!

    1. Holly Black says:

      We are! We are doing copyedits on The Bronze Key now and it will be out in September. After that there are two more.

  3. Abigail M. says:

    Oh Holly,

    I am forever entranced by Tithe and how I read it when I was in grade school. Honestly, your work is why I began writing. I hope you make more books soon :]

  4. Mary says:

    So Holly Black, who would have thought that all those years ago sitting by you in creative writing class with Miss Donovan that I’d be a librarian writing a book talk on the Iron Trial. My daughter is taking our high school yearbook photos to school with her showing people how ’80s we looked. Keep writing cool fantasy books that my kids and the library kids love.

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