Coldtown Paperback Out 8/12!


The Coldtown paperback is coming out 8/12, which if you live where I live, means right now! It’s super pretty and has two fancy new blurbs on it.

This one on the front:

No one writes like Holly Black. [Coldtown] is one of my all-time favorite fantasy novel settings.” – John Green

…and this one on the back:

Written beautifully, with a really rich setting and complex characters.” – Veronica Roth

When I saw these, I went immediately to my publicist.

Holly: Uh, guys, I really appreciate you guys trying to make the book sell and all, but someone is going to notice that you MADE UP A BUNCH OF FANCY BLURBS.

Publicist (with vast, though beleaguered patience): Those blurbs are real, Holly.

And it turns out that they are really real! Thank you, John and Veronica!

Anyway, if you’d like to pick up a copy, there are links to places selling it on the Coldtown page of my site. So, if you’ve been waiting for paperback to try out The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, now is your time to strike!

3 thoughts on “Coldtown Paperback Out 8/12!

  1. Makayla says:

    Hi, my name is Makayla and I’m 14. I love you Tithe, The Iron Trial, and The Coldest Girl in ColdTown books. Coldest Girl in ColdTown is my favorite novel ever! But I’m curious to know what happens next can you please post something about what happens afterwards. Like does Tana become a vampire? Does she and Gavriel stay together? I really hope both of those happen! I also hope you decide to say what happens!

    1. Leeila Ridder says:

      Mrs.Holly Black I am Leeila Ridder I LOVE the bok u wrote “The Coldest Girl In Coldtown” especially since I am deep in love with believing in vampires and this book make’s me fantasize about them more and more,but what I really want to know is if you plan on making a second book for it if not then I was going to make a second book for it,or make an entirely new book based off of your’s.

  2. Brim perry says:

    Well you have the second book to the coldest girl in coldtown

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