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Lucinda’s Secret (The Spiderwick Chronicles #3)

Lucinda’s Secret (The Spiderwick Chronicles #3)

Let the story of my niece and nephews be a warning. The more you know, the more danger you’re in. And trust me, you don’t want to meddle with the Little People. — S.S.

One thrilling adventure — The Spiderwick Chronicles!

Their world is closer than you think.


"With their evocative gothic-style pencil drawings and color illustrations, rhyming riddles, supernatural lore, and well-drawn characters, these books read like old-fashioned ripping yarns."

—New York Times Book Review

"The books wallow in their dusty Olde Worlde charm: Faeries! Dumbwaiters! Attics! But then, reading has an old-fashioned charm too."

—TIME Magazine

"Appealing characters, well-measured suspense and an inviting package will lure readers...youngsters may well find themselves glancing over their shoulders."

—Publishers Weekly