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The Care and Feeding of Sprites

Got Sprites?

Many would have you believe that sprites (or “fairies” as they’re often called) are sweet and pretty and ultimately peaceful creatures. But don’t let the carefree nature of these dazzling beguilers fool you. Because while they do make for awesome pets (or, if you prefer, companions), these are not creatures to be handled lightly.

So forget everything you know — or think you know — about sprites, and listen to the experts from the International Sprite League as they, with the assistance of the creative team that brought you the bestselling Spiderwick Chronicles, provide a resource that will prove to be as essential for the novice sprite keeper as a strong cage and eyes in the back of his or her head.


The authors of the popular “Spiderwick” series provide their avid readers with an incredibly useful guide to the care and feeding of sprites. This important text provides interested readers and potential sprite owners with detailed illustrations of seventeen types of sprites and their various good and bad habits. Boxed “right” and “wrong” boxes provide specific hints on how to handle the various sprites. The narrative of the text has a great deal of humor as the authors deal with such topics as how to obtain a sprite, how to figure out the gender of your sprite, how to tell the difference between a sprite and other magical entities, and how sprites may feel. The beautifully-colored and detailed illustrations of sprites themselves, as well as additional illustrations underscore many of the points and tips offered by the authors, official members of the International Sprite League. Finally, the thick cover of the book is actually a poster that avid sprite fans can hang up in their rooms. This is a definite winner for Spiderwick fans!

—Jean Boreen, Children's Literature

“This diverting vade mecum ends with an entry on the International Sprite League, which confirmed Spiderwickians will be strongly tempted to join.”

—Kirkus Reviews