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Arthur Spiderwick’s Notebook of Fantastical Observations

Can’t get enough of the faerie world? Well, Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, the brave souls that helped Mallory, Simon, and Jared Grace bring their amazing adventures to a worldwide audience, are here to help you find yours!

Presenting The Spiderwick Chronicles Notebook for Fantastical Observations. This handy interactive storybook features seventeen mini-adventures collected from faerie watchers around the globe as well as plenty of pages for readers to add their own stories, maps, charts, notes, lists, diagrams, and drawings. So get ready to embark on your own faerie adventure — all you need is an observant eye and an open mind. Just keep your wits about you. After all… their world is closer than you think….


Diterlizzi and Black create simple, miniature adventure stories that include dragons, brownies, hobgoblins, goblins, and other mystical creatures. The three-to-four page tales lead right into pages of journal writing that allow the reader to chronicle their own testimonies to these stories… The concept of using literary practices to engage young readers into a higher level of thinking and understanding is awesome. How ingenious to use list-making, the short essay, and actual drawings to help readers go beyond the normal grasp of what lies outside our world.

—Julia Beiker, Children's Literature