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[box]Here follows some stories you can read in their entirety online. And, if you send an SASE and a request to me, I will send you a Wallingford patch and/or a Modern Faerie Tale sticker.[/box]

“Across the landscape of the battlefield, men stared sight­lessly into the sky, their armor black with blood, their steam­ing intestines spread over the ground. Swarms of crows covered them in a jumping, fluttering carpet. Camp women scavenged among the corpses, cutting the throats of the dying and looting the bodies for anything of worth.”

– Read the rest of “Heartless” at Lightspeed Magazine

Every winter, hunger drives the wolves out of the mountains of Arn, and they sweep across the forests outlying the northern cities. They hunt in packs as large as armies and wash over the towns in their path like a great wave might crash down on hills of sand. Villagers may board up their windows and build up their fires, but the wolves are clever. Some say that they can rise up on two legs and speak as men, that nimble fingers can chip away at hinges, that their voices can call promises and pleas through keyholes, that they are not quite what they seem.”

– Read the rest of “The Dog King” at Fantasy Magazine

“The summer Lila came back from Europe, everything was different. She was used to drinking her coffee with a croissant dipped in it and taking the Metro by herself. She liked shopping in Le Marais. She had been to Rome and to Madrid and Marrakesh. Before her return, her father had even let her go to a salon and have her hair chopped to chin length and dyed bright pink. She knew she’d changed – but she figured everyone else would be the same.”

– Read the rest of “Lila Zacharov in 13 Pieces” here on the site.

“The daughter is too bold

to be anything but

a cuckoo in the nest.

Good girls sit home

and sew in the dark.

They don’t go seeking fire

in the witch’s woods.”

– Read the rest of “Bone Mother” on the Endicott Studio site.