For Readers

Here are a bunch of things that might be of particular interest to readers who’ve liked my stuff.


Go here to get some books recommended to you, based on which of my books you like best. Some of these are pretty well-known and some of them you might not have heard of before, but I think you’ll like all of them.

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Free Stuff

Click through for some free fiction and poetry, including:

– “Heartless,” about a scavenger girl in a war-torn fantasy world who hid her heart inside a fingerbone to keep it safe
– “The Dog King,” about a boy who is growing up faster than his father might wish
– “Lila Zacharov in 13 Pieces,” a story set in the Curse Workers universe whose parts can be reconfigured for a different look at Lila
– “Bone Mother,” a Baba Yaga poem I wrote for the Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts.

Also, we’ve got Modern Faerie Tale stickers and Wallingford patches which can be yours if you send us an SASE and a request.

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