YALLWrite Panel on Witches, Villains, and Vampires

November 14, 2020—3pm EST

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YALLWrite (usually YALLFest) is happening online this year, and I’ll be on a panel moderated by Danielle Paige, with Zoraida Córdova, Kass Morgan and Caleb Roehrig. It’s called Witches, Villains, and Vampires.

They’re the subject of some of the oldest stories we have and some of the biggest franchises ever created, so how do writers keep coming up with fresh takes? How do you create supernatural stories that feel real, whether swoony or chilling (or both!)? What the tropes you draw from and what do you avoid? Do you do research and has that research led you down any paths of darkness and doubt? These writers will unlock their crypts and open their spell books to get at the beating heart of their creations.

Register for this event here: https://www.yallwrite.org/schedule