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Sir Morien

The Legend of a Knight of the Round Table

Full of humor, drama, and adventure, this retelling of a little-known figure of Arthurian Legend, co-written by friends Kaliis Smith and #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black, is perfect for any knight in training. 

Prince Morien was brave and clever and true…

The brave North African knight Morien is on a quest to find his father, who had set off on an adventure of his own and never returned. But every knight he meets wants to fight! At first, Morien is determined to best them all, until he meets some knights willing to quest with him. Together, they discover not only the importance of friendship, but also Morien’s long-lost father!

Teachers, parents, and librarians can download a Sir Morien activity sheet HERE!


 Digitally created illustrations employ a muted palette that effectively brings to life this medieval-set story. The use of panels and speech bubbles gives the work a graphic novel–like feel that will appeal to children.

A winsome adaptation of a lesser-known Arthurian legend.


This mythical retelling from Black and Smith, a double authorial picture book debut, has all the jaunty verve of a contemporary Disney animated feature. Crisp, saturated digital art by Glenn portrays Sir Morien as both hunky and heroic.



—Publisher's Weekly